Proven results

14 % lower calories* *compared to maintenance product (maxi adult).

Product claims

Combination of high protein content (28 %) and moderate fat intake (13 %) that helps maintain an ideal weight. Designed for large breed neutered dogs, the nutritional profile is enriched with L-carnitine and features gut-healthy fibre so your dog enjoys the same volume of food while reducing his calorie intake.

How else you can help your dog?

Get your dog active with walks, games in the park or play at home. Reward him with kibbles taken from his meal allowance, instead of snacks. Most importantly, follow the food measures on this pack. If you have any questions or concerns about your dog’s health, please contact your veterinarian.

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Royal Canin Feline Ultamino is a veterinary-exclusive dry cat food for adult cats with food sensitivities needing a short-term elimination diet or long-term nutrition


Discovery now the ideal tool to calculate the perfect portion for your pet.

Dog's weight26 kg -32 kg - 38 kg -44 kg -
Indoor - Low activity269 g 3+2/8 cups315 g 3+7/8 cups358 g 4+3/8 cups400 g 4+7/8 cups
Normal activity320 g 3+7/8 cups374 g 4+5/8 cups425 g 5+2/8 cups474 g 5+6/8 cups
High activity370 g 4+4/8 cups433 g 5+2/8 cups492 g 6 cups549 g 6+6/8 cups

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